Joachim Charles HITZKE


The author -Joachim Charles HITZKE- was born in May 13, 1936 in Wutzkow (Pomérania).
Secondary studies in  the high school (secondary school) of Haguenau (France-67) and  scientifics University studies in Strasbourg. Military service (18 months, lieutenant).
After a few years in the industry - petroleum prospection, then responsibilities  in a survey laboratory of food industrial production -, he   becomes  a  mathematical and physical sciences teacher  in high schools (1964-1968). In parallel, he  does research concerning high pressure plymerisation of 2-methyl-butadiene (isoprene)  in order to obtain a French diploma DES in 1967.
Since 1968, he is a teacher-researcher in the Chemistry Department of the Institut Universitaire de Technologie , in Illkirch, near Strasbourg (F-67). In 1976, he supports a thesis of Doctor ès sciences (PhD degree)  having for subject the synthesis and the analysis of the aromatic fluorinated derivatives. Assistant, then Maître-Assistant, he is now  Maître de Conférence and he is in charge of the   practical classes in technology and analytical chemistry . In the same fields, he devotes a few hours to theoretical teaching.
He also remained a few months in French laboratories (Nancy...) or foreign countries, as in Munich (Germany, 3 months), or in Chicago (USA, 2 months).
He  takes part in associative activities (Euckea...) and supports Polish and Rumanian families materially.
He is married to Madeleine Klein   - in charge of a store of dietetic products in Strasbourg- and he is father of three children and grandfather of four grandchildren.
He is an author (and co-author) of  about twenty  publications; he did also book translations  and vulgarisation articles, conferences. He devotes his time to scientific didactic works, trilingual guides. He likes also search in the history domain.
In this site, you will find his last books 
which he publishes in account of author.


- Last conference : the food additives

- Remarks on its work of trilingual chemistry

- Remarks on its work " food and ecology" "


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